Whether you own your own business or not, there are only 3 types of business

1. Your business
2. Other people’s business
3. God’s business (or whichever belief system you follow)

Often we get these mixed up. We try to get other people involved in our business and making decisions for us. Often because we’re so terrified of making a mistake, so it’s easier for someone else to take responsibility.

Getting other people’s opinions can be really helpful in looking at the decision from different angles, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make and you need to take whatever consequences that brings.

Sometines we think other people’s business is our business and that we have the right to get involved.

For example, you may not agree with how a friend is dealing with a tricky situation but it’s not your business to get involved. You may be asked for help and advice and of course you’ll give that freely, but ultimately it’s not your business what your friend does with that advice and help.

Sometimes we get upset, frustrated and angry at our God for not doing our bidding as we demand, or for letting bad things happen to good people, or for major disasters that cruelly destroy cities, forests and oceans. Whatever form of God you believe in, you have to trust they know what they’re doing – after all they’ve been around a while! Yes, you can make changes and do things differently to improve a situation, yes you can help and raise money where that’s needed and yes, you can campaign and protest to change laws and regulations, but ultimately, God will take care of God’s business and you have to build trust in that.

So if all of that is not your business, what is?

Your business is your business. You are responsible only for your own business. What you believe, what you think, what you say, what you do. They are all your responsibility and are neither other people’s, nor their God’s business.

Now I can already hear some of you shouting that this isn’t a caring way to be, and it’s really selfish and that you’d feel guilty if you didn’t intervene when you ‘know’ someone is making a mistake. By looking after your own business you give a huge gift. You give the gift of experience, of learning and of trusting.

By not being attached to someone else’s drama or outcomes, not only do you reclaim your own power but you give them the gift of reclaiming their power as well! They may not see it that way at first (especially if you’ve been taking responsibility for a while) and initially they may not like you much for it, but by being supportive and holding them accountable for their own lives, they will come to realize that what you’ve done for them is truly amazing.

So the next time you feel stressed, anxious, angry or in despair about someone else and what they’re doing, remember that there are 3 types of business; your business, their business and God’s business and check to see whose business it is anyway.

If you need some help with anything in this blog, hit reply and let me know. I may be able to give you a quick solution to help you out and get you started.

Have a fabulous week!

With love & respect

Sharon x 


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