Have you lost faith in your ability to manifest? Here’s why and what to do about it…

First off I want to make something quite clear to you…I totally believe in our ability to manifest whatever we want into our lives. But there are a few pieces I see often that is jeopardising many women leading to losing faith not only in the whole manifesting process, but in their own ability to create the life they want.

The undeniable truth is that we literally create our own lives. What we expect to see, we see. What we expect to experience, we experience. We live our lives looking through filters; like wearing rose coloured glasses. With everything looking a gorgeous rose tint, you won’t see the sky as blue so for you the sky will be well, rose coloured.

Those filters are created from the second we are born. They are created from our own experiences, the beliefs of our primary care-givers and the beliefs and expectations of our society and culture.

The practice of manifesting allows us to remove layers of these filters so that we are seeing what’s in front of us objectively and without bias. Once our vision changes, we can focus it so that we see and experience more of what we want in our lives.

But it’s important to remember that manifesting is just a process without any bias what-so-ever. That means you can manifest what you don’t want as easily as you can manifest what you do want.

The other thing about manifesting is that it’s not a spectator sport. For it to work you have work too.

Let’s say you want to manifest a new job, so you set your intention for whatever that new job is for you, and what it gives you and how your life will change for the better once you have it and then you do…..nothing. I mean literally nothing.

You don’t keep an eye out for jobs, you don’t tell anyone you’re looking for a new job, you don’t take on extra training to help you get that dream job, you just stay in your old, unsatisfying job day in and day out, grumbling and moaning about it and going down the ‘it’s not fair’ route.

And you expect your dream job to magically land in your lap one day whilst you’re enjoying a cup of tea???? No my lovely, it doesn’t work like that.

For things to change there has to be a series of actions. You have to take action and not just any old action; inspired action.

Even in cases where it seems that something has magically happened with absolutely no effort on your part, it really hasn’t; there has been lots of little things going on that have all lined up to the final event of landing you that dream job, or perfect partner or lump sum of money or whatever.

My biggest manifesting was in 2013 when I ‘magically’ created over £6000 in two weeks for a course I wanted to do. I set my clear and specific intention (to raise £6000 for the course) and then gave it up to the Universe to sort out and in two weeks, I had actually received £6000 into my bank account (legally!)

What seemed like magic was actually the result of a couple of years of inspired action. A large portion of that money came from a PPI claim I had made two years previously and been declined – twice.

But for some reason in that same month as I set the intention the company reviewed their claims and decided I was actually entitled to a refund after all. But if I hadn’t taken that inspired action to make the claim in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened.

See what I mean?

This is the real myth of manifesting; you can’t set an intention then do absolutely nothing and expect it to miraculously happen…you have to take inspired action and lay the groundwork for your desire to come into your life.

If manifesting isn’t ‘working’ for you, take these steps to get back on track and regain your faith…

1. Get really clear on your intention. See it, feel it, believe it will happen

2. Keep an open eye and open mind to the opportunities that appear and take inspired action.

3. Give thanks for all that you have right now and all that you’ll have once that intention comes into your awareness and reality.

Don’t lose faith in manifesting or your own abilities if it’s not working out for you, it’s just that your technique needs a bit of tweaking, that’s all.

If you need help with any of this, get in touch; I may have a quick win or something that can help, or check out my current programmes

Much love

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