Limited spaces available, please contact me to secure your place

Do you have pent-up anger and frustrations? Do you feel that you have to suppress these ‘negative’ or ‘scary’ emotions? Do you feel you could explode at any minute and it would be UGLY???

You are not alone! We all feel this! And you know what? Experiencing anger, frustration, annoyance and pure rage is PERFECTLY NORMAL and NECESSARY!

From childhood we’ve been told that anger isn’t ‘nice, or ‘appropriate.’ That nice girls don’t show their frustrations with the world or that women are supposed to have endless patience and be constantly looking out for everyone else, and so we learn to push that shit down, down, down. Even when we’re at boiling point we answer that dreaded ‘Are you OK?’ question with ‘F I N E!’ and grit our teeth a bit harder.

In this enlightened age we’re supposed to be peaceful, relaxed, in harmony and balance. We’re supposed to be ‘emotionally intelligent’ and ‘unattached’ to what’s happening to us and around us, oh and let’s remember to be positive ALL THE DAMN TIME!

But the truth is, whilst that stuff’s all well and good (and it is really good!!), you can’t be tranquil and enlightened and as positive as a fairy dancing on soap bubbles when you’ve got a seething mass of volcanic lava inside of you that’s about to bubble up and explode over your whole life turning it into a vast expanse of wasteland from which there is no return.

That’s where STOMP! comes in. Instead of hiding, dumbing down or suppressing your so-called ‘negative’ emotions (which only serves to allow them to grow and grow and grow) you get to fully access them and let them be expressed so you can free yourself from that inner turmoil and get on with feeling relaxed, tranquil and live in harmony and balance; which is kinda the point of living, right?

Yes, you get to stomp around and have a temper tantrum. Yes you get to shout it out and say all those things that women ‘shouldn’t’ say or think. Yes you get supported whilst you’re doing that and YES IT’S GREAT FUN!

So how about dispelling the myth that anger is negative, that it’s not appropriate, that we shouldn’t feel it and that we should be all ‘love and light’ all of the time. How about allowing ourselves to re-engage with ALL of our emotions so we can experience them how they are meant to be experienced without holding on to them? 

Are you ready to get down and dirty with your emotions? Are you ready to let that shit go?

FABULOUS! Here’s the low-down….

During the 2 hour session we’ll talk about ‘negative emotions’, and the mental, emotional and physical effects of not expressing them. We’ll have a huge tantrum and fully express and release our anger, frustration and rage and then we’ll take a moment to be still and quiet and enjoy absolute peace and tranquillity, before finishing off with something upbeat and fun so you go home feeling relaxed, happy and full of positive energy.

Your investment is 90 minutes of your time and a willingness to be open-minded and give this a really good go.

Sounds great right?

I won’t lie to you, the first time I did this I was like ‘Woah! What the hell???? No way I’m doing that!!’ But I did and you know what? It was INCREDIBLE!

Not only did I feel more peaceful than I had for years, but my long-term neck pain disappeared. I felt deliciously light and free, and it felt that I had the head-space to get on with life from a much happier and more positive outlook. Now it’s something I do regularly to make sure there’s nothing stuck inside that’s dragging me down – and as a bonus it’s a bloody good workout!

So are you in? You need to book your place…there are 2 conditions….

  1. This is open to women only. Not that I don’t like men (I love you!) but with this kind of work there is a certain dynamic that differs between men and women. If you are a man and would like to discuss the possibility for a men’s only STOMP! session please do let me know
  2. You must be aged 18 years or older. At this time my insurance only covers me to work in this way with adults

Even if you have mobility issues, this session is great for you. So long as you can get up the stairs to the studio at The Wellness Centre  at Toast, Okehampton, Devon, you can join in with STOMP!

Starting Thursday 15th August 7.15pm – 8.45pm at The Wellness Centre, Okehampton then every 3rd Thursday of the month

Book your FREE place (November only) and STOMP! your way to inner peace and tranquillity

Can’t wait to see you there!


Limited spaces available, please contact me to secure your place

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