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and congratulations on booking your PowerTypes Power Hour

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Below you’ll see the link to my online calendar.

Click ‘Book your call’ and choose the day and time that’s best for you for your 90 minute PowerType Power Hour

Once I get notification of that being done, I’ll send you your PowerType Profile token and you can complete your profile quiz.

Please ensure you have completed your PowerType Profile Quiz at least 3 working days before our call so that you have time to read through, and gain an understanding of your report, and I have the chance to read it and be prepared for our call.

During the time of our call, try to make sure you won’t be disturbed; this is time for you and time to focus on you. It’s sacred time.

On our call you may find it useful to have a pen and notebook handy to jot down anything helpful and any a-ha moments and insights although you will receive a link to the call so you can watch it over again.

You may also want to have some water (or your favourite drink) and something to nibble handy, if you feel you may need it!

Our call with be via Zoom but no need to worry about your hair or make-up or even have to get out of your pj’s! I don’t judge 😉

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you and sharing the fabulous PowerTypes with you!

Much love

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The Powertypes Profile Quiz is hosted by One of many (TM) the organisation I completed my coaching training with. You will be added to their mailing list when you complete your quiz which is needed for you to receive your report. If you wish to unsubscribe to further emails from One of many (TM) please do so using the Unsubscribe link at the end of their emails (I have no access to this so cannot do it on your behalf)

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