I was walking on Dartmoor yesterday and as I looked up at a Tor I saw a family of buzzards soaring around the rocks. They were almost motionless.

I stood watching them, noticing that they rarely flapped their wings. Instead they took advantage of the natural lift of the thermal air currents. They were facing into the wind and were suspended. It looked effortless.

Of course they weren’t hovering there, defying gravity without doing anything, they were working incredibly hard to stay in that one place. They were making constant tiny adjustments to their wings and moving their feathers in a multitude of ways, but it looked effortless.

It struck me that although they were ‘working hard’, they were also working smart. They weren’t trying to actually fly and stay up in the sky, they weren’t re-inventing the laws of gravity and physics in order to do what they wanted. They took advantage of what was already there and utilised it to their greatest benefit.

They could feel the air currents around them and tuned themselves into it. The tiny adjustments they were making weren’t to create what wasn’t there, it was to stay connected to what was already in existence. They trusted the currents were there and when they disappeared these glorious birds swooped and found another one. No flapping. No drama.

And I got to thinking. How often do we try to ‘create something’, to re-invent the wheel (so to speak) and to force what we want into existence? How often do we think we have to try harder, do more, know more, work more, be more to make progress? How much time do we spend ‘flapping’ and worrying and ‘trying’ when all  we really need to do is be more aware of what’s already there that we can use?

All we really need is to be connected to the forces that already exist to support us, to help us and to allow us to do what we want to do and live how we want to live. No flapping, no drama.

Much Love
Sharon x

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