I was watching a repeat of an episode of the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) and the contestants were starting their ‘Show-stopper Bake.’ If you’ve not watched GBBO before, the show-stopper is where the contestants make and create their best, most adventurous and challenging ‘bake’ within a specific discipline (ie bread/tarts/cake etc).

So there they were, six home bakers setting out to make something that’ll cause Paul Hollywood to give his coveted handshake and Mary Berry to declare the product outstanding (with that cheeky smile and twinkling eye of hers). They have time to practice at home before the show and we’re usually treated to a clip of them at home diligently practising their recipes and techniques so that nothing will go wrong on the day.

BUT. On this episode, despite multiple practices and tweaking of techniques, one of the contestants announced that he had changed his mind on what he was going to create for his show-stopper and was going to try something he’d not done before (but he knew in theory how it would work)!!!!!!!!! WHAT?????? I mean. why would you do that?? On national TV??? In a competition judged by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry????

I believe he had reached his own personal glass ceiling, or Upper Limit Problem, as Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap would call it (one of my all time favourite personal growth books!). You see, he’d done really well in the previous weeks and had been awarded Baker of the Week a couple of times so he was flying high and experiencing great success – probably more than he thought possible……and more than he believed he was worth.

In the UK we have this weird thing where we get embarrassed if we do something really well. We kind of brush it off if someone acknowledges it and hasten to explain that it was ‘pure luck’ or ‘It was all down to xxx.’ We find it hard to just accept that we are awesome at something (we may be thought of as big-headed or arrogant you see). It’s not only the Brits that do this. Every single one of us has a glass ceiling that will stop us (at some point) from excelling and rising up into the upper echelons of amazing-ness.

I believe this is what happened to this GBBO contestant. It got too good for him and he had to get back to a more comfortable place, so instead of doing what he’d practised, doing it well and having another fantastic week (and being a step closer to winning), he self-sabotaged which resulted in him having a bad week and falling down the scoreboard again. Such a shame.

Many times we’re not even aware of it – out little inner gremlin comes out to play and whispers in our ear and our self-sabotage seems to be the most justified action we can take. We simply don’t see it for what it truly is; being kept small, feeling lost and never becoming what we truly desire to be. You may have been taught to not outshine a sibling or class-mate (don’t be too cleaver or too good at something), or you may have learned that people don’t appreciate you waxing lyrical about how good your life is (hide from being seen as positive or successful). Maybe you believe rich people are snooty and a waste of space (keep your earnings low) or maybe that there’s no such thing as a soulmate (end up attracting losers or give up and stay single). Whatever area of life it relates to, I bet you have a glass ceiling over it, maybe you haven’t hit it yet, but one day you will and you’ll have to learn to get through it or stay where you are.

So my question to you is ‘Where are you self-sabotaging?’ Where in your life are you bumping your head on your own personal glass ceiling and bringing yourself back down to earth?

If you want to grow. If you want to achieve something – anything, the glass ceiling has to go. You have to be determined and applied in order to move through it and create your own Mid-Life Miracle. If you feel that this is where you are right now, I’d love to have a call with you and see how I may be able to help you.

Much love
Sharon x

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