Labyrinth Walking

Labyrinth walking is amazingly effective meditation tool. Unlike a maze, where you can take wrong turnings, end up at dead-ends and get totally turned around and lost, a labyrinth has one path into the centre and one path (usually the same one) out again.

This means you can allow your mind to relax whilst you walk along the path, knowing you can never get lost and focus your thoughts easily.

The labyrinth is made up of both feminine and masculine energy so you can tap into a perfect harmony and balance of ‘being’ without your logical mind getting all ‘Well what are actually going to DO then?’

During your Labyrinth Walk, we will start with some meditation and visualisations and also time for you to set your intentions for the walk. It may be that you have a difficult decision to make, or you want to let go of some pain or frustration in your life, or maybe you’re looking for direction and need to know you’re on the right path (no puns intended!)

When you are ready you will start your walk into the centre of the Labyrinth, focussing on your intention, walking as slowly or as quickly as you feel you need to. Once you reach the centre, you can pause for as long as you need to, to allow for reflection time and any a-ha moments to rise up. Then on your return you can give thanks for the awareness, insights or knowledge you have gained; again you can walk as slowly or as quickly as you feel you need to and as you walk your way out of the labyrinth you will reconnect with the physical world feeling grounded and at peace.

To finish the session you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to talk, to write or simply sit quietly and absorb your experience.

Although you are walking for a fairly short amount of time and simply walking around a path, the impact of Labyrinth Walking cannot be underestimated! I’ve done a few of these (from at a busy holistic fair at Earls Court, London to a beautiful chapel to a seven hour walk around Glastonbury Tor – yes seven hours and yes, that is a story to tell!!) and the results have never been less than extraordinary.

I’ve heard voices from past teachers, felt my ancestors around me, experienced my own re-birth and tapped into my own beautiful inner wisdom and feminine power. I’ve laughed, cried, shouted, given up and started again, been supported and supported others, felt huge grief and massive elation and a sense of being peaceful and grounded like never before

If you’re fascinated by the whole concept of Labyrinth Walking and would love to try it, or if you’ve already experienced this amazing process and want to do it again, drop me a line so we can get this organised for you.

If you have a group of people who’d like to try this out (min 8 people) it may be possible for me to travel to you, or I will be running these walks throughout Devon at various venues. Contact me to discuss upcoming events or if you’d like to book a private group walk.

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