The Intuitive Eating Method

 “You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” (Louise Hay)

Since the Industrial Revolution we have been motivated, and motivated ourselves using the ‘carrot & stick’ method; you do good and you get a reward (carrot), you do bad and you get punished (stick). If this carrot and stick method actually worked, you wouldn’t be reading this. You’d be out there enjoying food and life to the max and you wouldn’t be feeling all this shame, guilt and self-loathing for not being good enough. The Intuitive Eating Method aims to turn this outdated way of thinking and being on it’s head!

Is this you?

  • You are overly critical of yourself, how you look, what you eat, what you wear
  • You punish yourself by starting a highly restrictive diet that ends up with you bingeing in desperation and misery
  • Your treats more of an everyday occurrence to hide the fact you feel so bad
  • You self-sabotage any attempt to make lasting changes because you just don’t feel you’re worth the time and effort, or because it’s selfish to put yourself first

Not only does this not work, it keeps you stuck in the misery of yo-yo dieting and feeling bad

The more you restrict yourself, the worse you feel. The worse you feel the more you ‘treat’ yourself to try and feel better and the more you treat yourself the more demoralised you become. So you try another diet and start the whole cycle again……

Does this sound like a great method for improving your self-worth, motivation and general happiness in life? When you see it written down like this, it kinda seems the most ridiculous way of going about it doesn’t it? SO LET’S CHANGE IT!

I can hear you saying….

‘But Sharon, I don’t know any other way of doing it. If I keep trying, surely it will be different this time?’

A wise person once said…

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’

Does your chosen action keep leading you to despair, failure, shame and misery? It’s time to shake things up.

That’s just what The Intuitive Eating Method does. Instead of starting at the beginning, it starts at the end…with your desired outcome (and believe me, this won’t be the weight or size you have in your mind!). When you’re focusing on something positive, success will come easier to you. When you’re heading towards something you really desire, you’ll quickly achieve it.

  • Doesn’t it make sense to be stepping TOWARDS the future you want rather than running away from a past you want to leave behind?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to feel good ALONG journey rather than having the ‘feel good’ as an end result?

If you want to create a positive outcome, you need to become more positive. And that’s how The Intuitive Eating Method will help you. By working together we will explore and uncover your emotional eating and untangle the threads that bind you to outdated beliefs and behaviours; the ones that are keeping you in the misery of the diet and binge cycle. You’ll learn how to use the tools of self-acceptance, self-love and self-kindness and with my support and guidance you’ll create strategies to keep you on track and design an action plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

If you want a different outcome, you have to use a different approach…

It’s time…

“I didn’t have the time to commit to going to a weight loss club and the idea of sitting around watching people get weighed and talk about the two pounds they had lost that week filled me with dread.

The Intuitive Eating Method fitted the bill and I am so happy that I invested in it, both financially and emotionally. It really has done everything that I hoped it would. I already feel better about myself and I am able to make those healthy choices to continue to look after myself” (MA, Devon)

“If you are looking for a long term change, for a way to tune in to your inner self, for a way to change your emotional relationship with food and eating, this is the course for you. Sharon will be there supporting you every step of the way. She makes the work fun and will celebrate the little wins, encourage you and support you through the difficult days. I am so pleased that I have invested in myself. There are no forbidden foods in my life. I am eating intuitively and my body and mind are thanking me for it.” (IK, Sussex)

With Intuitive Eating you re-connect with your body & re-learn to listen to what it’s telling you so you can make intuitive choices in the foods you eat to become happier with your eating, to feel slimmer and to kick-start all those other positive feelings you want to experience in yourself (yes, sometimes it will tell you to have wine & chocolate & that’s OK!)

The Gastric Band Hypnosis (where appropriate for your needs) re-aligns you with your appetite so you eat smaller portions of healthy food so no calorie or points counting!

What you get:
* Clarity of your body confidence goals so you have a defined goal to work towards
* Awareness of your ‘why’ of over-eating so you can see the potential pitfalls before they happen
* Re-alignment to your smaller appetite; smaller portions = less weight
* Re-connection to your own body so you can listen to what it wants rather than listening to what your mind is telling you
* A simple to follow action plan to ensure your success
* An MP3 recording to keep you motivated & on track

My goal for you is to see results. For you to see results you need to do the work. You need to be 100% committed to achieving your weight loss goal & not allow yourself to make excuses for not following your plan. 

There are two ways of joining the Intuitive Eating Method depending on how you like to work and the amount of time you can dedicate…

Four Week Intuitive Eating Method

This four session programme will give you a real kick-start to your new, healthy eating plan, allow you to make beneficial food choices and take back control of your eating habits.

Each week we cover a step in the process, exploring your relationship with food to uncover your unique triggers, allow you to connect with your inner self and design a blueprint for your body positivity success.

‘Keeping it Real’ Plan
I highly recommend that you continue with support after your four sessions to ensure you keep on track and don’t get pulled into old habits when life gets in the way.

I will provide accountability so you can meet further goals, talk about any issues coming up for you and support you during your ongoing journey.

We will discuss options around this on your fourth session.

Investment £275*

One Day Intuitive Eating Method

Great if you have a busy diary that makes a weekly session tricky.

You’ll receive everything in the four session programme but condensed into one day, plus you will receive three, weekly follow up calls so I can ensure you’re on track and we can deal with any issues that may arise.

‘Keeping it Real’ Plan
As with the four session programme, I highly recommend you continue with support throughout your journey.

We will discuss how this can best work for you after our final call.

Investment £440*

I’d love to help you on your journey, to realize your goals & achieve your dreams so if you know you’re committed and that this is the right programme for you, then book your free consultation to confirm your space and get the info! Or if you prefer to have a chat about it first then no problem, book a free consultation and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

A small word of warning though….There are possible side-effects to this course which include:
* Increased self-confidence
* Being happier and more content with yourself
* Re-discovering your love for life
* Actually losing the weight you hate

I’m sure you can deal with those though, can’t you?

Much Love

Sharon x

* To reserve your space a £75 non-refundable deposit is required. Until this deposit is received, I cannot guarantee your place on this programme. Full/balance payment is required prior to, or at your first session by cash or debit/credit card. Payment plans may be arranged at the discretion of Sharon O’Brien

This programme does not replace medical, advice. If you have any medical issues or are currently taking medication, please check with your healthcare professional before booking on this programme.

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