My Claim Your Courageous Life programme is all about helping women entering midlife getting to know who they are now, and creating the life they actually want. However…..

  • What if you have no idea what that life is?
  • What if you can’t even begin to think about the possibilities of having a life you actually want?

The truth is that you do know. You think you don’t know. You ‘know’ you don’t know. But you do know and I’ll tell you how I know that….

Because you know what you DON’T want, and from that you can identify what you DO want.

  • You know you don’t want to continue running around after everyone doing every damn thing and getting all the flack
  • You know you don’t want to be rushing around being so busy and tired that you can’t enjoy the good things in life
  • You know you don’t want to feel that if you stop spinning all your plates your world will implode so you better keep going

And you know a million other things that you don’t want…..

The problem is that you know all that and yet you still feel you don’t know what you DO want, or you haven’t the courage to acknowledge what you really want.

What’s happened is that you’ve lost touch with yourself – your true, inner, wise self. The self that instinctively guides and looks after you.

The self that has been completely disregarded, ridiculed and humiliated over the years and written off as ‘women’s intuition’, ‘woo-woo stuff’, ‘airy-fairy nonsense.’ This inner part of you is not logical, is not linear, is not scientifically proven, she is intuitive, chaotic and belief-driven.

This is the self you’ve had to supress and ignore for so long, you’re no longer sure she’s in there.

She is. I absolutely GUARANTEE it!

This inner wise woman is the Sorceress archetype. She is the one connected to source (whatever word or belief system you attach to that). She is the bridge that connects the ethereal and the practical, the one who visions and dreams and opens up your mind to all possibilities and brings those possibilities into your heart ready for you to realize. She knows what you want because she’s already seen it and lived it and is waiting for you to go join her.

Women have a lot of resistance to anything ‘witchy’ or intuitive and with good reason (no shit Sherlock!)! For centuries we’ve been heavily punished for our inherent connection to nature, to our cycles, to our inner-wisdom.

We’ve been taught that our femininity has no place in the modern world, that we must embrace the masculine paradigm of consistency, productive-ness and pushing on through and we’ve learnt to fear our own power, so much so that even if we’ve had the tiniest glimpse of it, it’s terrified us so much we vow never to let it surface again.

The inheritance of this retribution and punishment has passed on down through our ancestral line and still deeply impacts us today in the 21st century.

We fear the feminine power in ourselves because we’ve never been taught to how to wield it. We fear the Sorceress because we’ve been taught she’s bad, dangerous, evil.

So when I ask you to embrace the Sorceress and allow her to be your guide, it’s no wonder that you may feel apprehensive. But she is nothing to fear, she is part of you and exists within you whether you choose to acknowledge her or not. And it’s she who’s whispering to you right now making you realize you’re not living the life you crave and trying to show you the way to the life you actually want – all you need to do is choose courage and listen.

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