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I know you’re feeling anxious about the future. I know you’re changing biologically and psychologically, feeling different in your body and being afraid of losing who you are. Maybe you’ve already started to notice a feeling of being invisible, of losing your purpose in life (especially if your children are leaving the nest or you’re thinking about a career change)

Perhaps you witnessed your mum or other mother figure going through ‘The Change’ and remember it as a tumultuous time where behaviours became unstable and emotions uncontrollable. Maybe you’re already feeling alienated from yourself and your family , looking in the mirror wondering where ‘you’ went (along with the past twenty years!) You see how society treats women approaching middle age and it doesn’t feel good. 

So what do we do when the world at large seems to have such a negative image of mid-life for women? (over the hill, wrong side of forty, on the way down, mid-life crisis etc). How do we forge a new future when we’re being expected to slow down, take it easy, think about retiring, and to give up our younger dreams and desires?

What I can tell you is that in my life and work I have found a very special gift inside of myself. That gift is allowing you to see the true potential of, well…you! What you cannot see clearly I do see. What you are looking for externally, I see in you. My role is to see you, to hear you and hold you steady so you can explore and navigate the sometimes choppy waters of mid-life. 

I have three main philosophies in my work:
1. You don’t need to be ‘fixed’
2. You have all the knowledge inside of you to make any change you desire
3. Whatever you have experienced so far, is training for the glorious future you’re preparing yourself for

I can’t wait to support you in standing up, dropping the fears and beliefs of the past and powerfully and confidently designing your own Mid-Life Miracle and embracing the next big adventure, so trust your own wisdom, know it’s the right time for you! Find out more by clicking the links below or book a free call to get started!

Much love
Sharon x

How We Can Work Together

Intuitive Eating

As women we often need to like what we see on the outside before we can do the truly transformative inner work. Working together we define your body-love goals and build a powerful plan designed for your success.

Bespoke Day

Concentrating in a specific area of your life, we dig deep to find out exactly what’s keeping you stuck so we can then move you forwards and on track for where you want to be and the life you want to live. A real fast-track to your transformation!

Immersive Experience

Learn how to let go of past hurt, guilt, shame and frustration and be supported and celebrated as you explore and re-define who you truly are and create a blueprint for the next stage of your brilliant life.

Labyrinth Walking

Labyrinth walking allows to you to connect deeply with yourself and any higher power that you may be believe in, providing space for you to slow down, reflect and find time in your fast paced, busy world.

Sign up to receive your FREE Meal Planner and effortlessly create a menu that will fulfil the family and satisfy your soul!

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