Claim Your

Courageous Life

with Sharon O’Brien

A deeply supportive 4 month coaching experience where you’ll discover, love and support the woman you are today, learn to harness your inner superpowers and make bold life decisions, living an authentic, creative and courageous life.

You’ve tried to make changes before but got side-tracked in the busy-ness of life, giving everything to people who ‘needed’ your time and energy

You know you want something different, that life wasn’t meant to be like this

But nothing you’ve tried before has worked for you and you’ve ended up feeling demotivated, worthless and asking yourself ‘Why the f@#k should I bother?’

Well gorgeous, because this is your life and you only get one shot at it. And let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger so if not now, when?

Now is the time to stand up and be counted, to put your flag in the ground and claim your life, your way on your terms

You’re ready now, more than ever, to slow down and go deep inside to bring out the absolute best of you and take this authentic, creative, courageous you out into the world.

And you know this is the absolute best time to get the clarity you’ve been searching for, to connect with your inner super-powers (yes you do have them!) and make this life the best damn life you can possibly make!

And you totally freakin’ deserve it!


Claim Your Courageous Life


Let’s create space and time in your life, harness your energy and put some simple but hugely powerful tools behind you to support and sustain you so you can live from a place of authenticity, creativity and courage.

My life and business is so different and so much better. I have permission and understanding to do BOTH and be more present in each.

I can allow myself to just enjoy family time and switch more actively between powertypes without feeling guilty.

Allie, previous coaching client

I still have a lot of work to do on self-love (after pretty much a lifetime of neglect) but I have a freedom I have NEVER had before and its actually OK in fact necessary to look after myself!

I may have paid lipservice to this before but this is the first time I’ve had intensive coaching like this and it has caused a fundamental deep shift that means I actually “get it”

Joy, previous coaching client

How it works

It’s all very well to talk about creating the life you want and deserve, but what if you have no clue what that life even looks like?

Claim Your Courageous Life is based on 3 pillars designed to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be in 4 short months


Find your voice and tap into your intuition to hear that little voice inside of you that dares to want something more, something different.

Take back ownership and responsibility of your life and don’t let your environment dilute that little voice.

We’ll invite wonder and adventure into your life and free your mind from fixed ideas and mind-sets so you can claim the truest version of yourself and harness your bravery to see your changes through.


Learn to recognise change and choice as a universal human experience and find resilience in the face of uncertainty and even failure!

Remove distractions, dismiss judgment and learn to not let others reactions set a cloud over your choices as you find the courage to look into the flames of your newly discovered fire.

You’ll focus your energy, blaze new trails and seize new opportunities to make new habits that reinforce your voyage choices.


Live curiously, embrace your daring, find trust, joy and confidence on your creation pathway.

Learn and grow from the experience of just following your firefly to find the unexpected lessons.

Live proud and sit in your power. Know who you are and recognise your achievements, remaining open-hearted and welcoming further expansion.

The Modules


This is where we start, with you claiming the time and space you need in order to get replenished and start some really great life enhancing habits. This is where you start to BREATHE.

You’ll also receive your free PowerTypes Profile Quiz token to find out which PowerTypes are in the driving seat.


Know where you are right now. What resources you have, what’s good and what need changing. No more wasting time on improving things that are already OK, let’s focus on what needs the work.

You’ll also learn what your PowerType Profile scores mean for you and how the disempowering archetypes may be showing up!

3: beautiful boundaries

We know we ‘should’ have them but often we feel mean and unkind when we do. This week you’ll meet the Queen PowerType and learn how her energy will help you effortlessy make strong and stable boundaries.

You’ll also get some great scripts for having boundary-related conversations.

4: harness your natural cycle

Whether or not you are menstruating, you have cycles. By monitoring and tracking your cycle you can harness the different energies and learn how to work WITH them rather than AGAINST them.

This will be a game-changer if you’ve always pushed through, plus working with your cycle makes you far more productive and effective.

5: feeling fabulous

Before you can feel fabulous, you have to feel OK so this week we’ll look at what your needs are and how to get them met.

Then you’ll meet the Lover PowerType and learn how her energy underpins your self-care and self-acceptance and wraps you up in gorgeous love and adds the sparkles to life that make you feel fabulous!

6: Energy Matching

Now you know how your cycles can support you, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice and create a calendar and task list that supports you rather than drains you and is actually fun to follow!

No more endless, depressing to-do lists, running around in a panic, or procrastinating! You will become the Queen of calm and the epitome of organisation.

7: small steps, big leaps

This week we look into values and how you’re aligning to them (or not!) This is the only way you will learn to live your authentic, creative, courageous life.

You’ll also be delving into your limiting beliefs and learning a deceptively simple process for blasting them out of the water and replacing them with supportive, positive ones.

8: sustainable action

This week you’ll learn all about how to get into, and stay in action without the burnout.

You’ll meet the Warrioress who is the centre of action and getting things done, but always with a sense of fun and play.

And you’ll get to design your own recognition and reward system to keep you motivated.

By the end of this programme you’ll have created your very own Blueprint for Life and be well on the way to creating the life you want and deserve.

What I found made the biggest difference was the understanding of the Yin/feminine approach e.g. time management, working WITH my menstrual cycle not against it. The language and power types also deeply resonated with my work as a therapist.

One particular session will always stand out for me when we did some deep healing work of childhood trauma. Many weeks later I am still revisiting this session and the work done and the release achieved has radically shifted my world view, confidence.

I genuinely feel like a butterfly, spreading wings for first time.

Elizabeth, previous coaching client

What You Get

Powertype Profile Quiz Token + Personalized Debrief

Underpinning the coaching are the 5 Women’s Powertypes ©. These are empowering archetypes that we can tap into the get the results we want in a powerful yet feminine way.

“A power grounded in collaboration, not competition. A power of co-operation not coercion. A power centred in replenishment not depletion.” (Dr Joanna Martin, One of many)

You’ll receive a free token to take the Powertypes © Profile Quiz via the One of many (TM) website, and in one of your training modules you’ll learn exactly what your results mean.

This gives you a fantastic insight into which  of the Powertypes © are currently running the show, which are under-utilised and where we can focus our work to create more harmony and access to each one.

Understanding how to use these will give you the confidence and courage for you to make bold choices and life decisions in a way that nurtures and supports you and is sustainable!

Using your profile results as a foundation, and within the framework of the programme you’ll receive:

Intimate group format so you will be seen, heard and supported

8 Training modules (1 delivered to you every two weeks)

8 Live group support calls (taken at your chosen intervals over the 4 months)

4 Private 1-1 calls (taken at your chosen intervals over the 4 months)

1 Live Soft Power Planning 1/2 day virtual workshop

Unlimited access to the private members only Claim Your Courageous Life Facebook Group

big juicy bonus no. 1!

1/2 day Power Planning Workshop

This is a very special live 1/2 day workshop where you get to dive in and get really specific about your goals and intentions.

During the workshop you’ll learn how to use the energies of all the 5 PowerTypes to connect you to your vision and create a simple timeline and action plan for you to follow.

Forget linear, logical processes that lead you to making uninspiring or unfulfilling goals that you never seem to quite achieve (and feeling a failure is never a good thing, right?).

This process allows you to connect to your goals on a deeper, soul level and get much clearer about what you actually want to achieve.

You’ll be able bring it to fruition using not only your willpower and mind, but also using the power of your unconscious mind and your connection to Source (however you choose to define that).

By the end of the workshop you will have a clearly defined, highly specific and personal vision as well as a detailed list of steps you need to take in order to get you there – and it will be like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced before!

I’ll be hosting one of these group events, for members of Claim Your Courageous Life, online every 4 months and you’ll receive an invitation to join one of these workshops FREE of charge!

big juicy bonus no. 2!

Bonus Session

My main aim for you in this programme is that you have all the tools and techniques you need in order to not only start making great changes to your life, but continue making them.

This bonus 1-1 session at the end of your programme is for reflection, appreciation and celebration for all you’ve learned and achieved over the last 4 months.

You’ll experience a beautiful and powerful meditation to help you solidify your insights and connect you in an even deeper level to your future vision that will fill you with excitement and motivation, and keep you heading towards that courageous life.

We’ll also talk about what support you need to take you forwards and ensure you have a strong network, or circle of support, in place.

the support you will receive

Space and Time

Possibly the most important aspect of making big life-changing decisions is the space and time to think and talk it through. And having a safe place where you can voice your thoughts, challenge your beliefs and explore your options; that’s where the group support and 1-1 calls come in.

With no judgement from me, your time is sacred and honoured. But we will get sh*t done!


I’ll be behind you all the way! I’ll encourage you to try the unconventional, to experiment with what encourages freedom and what doesn’t and I will celebrate like a demon with you – for the successes and the failures!


Exploring, talking and experimenting is all very well but unless your rubber hits the road (aka you take positive and inspired action) nothing is going to change. You’ll be setting regular commitments and working out the ‘how’s so you can make real and sustainable progress.


As with all things, at times your motivation will ebb and flow, and it’s perfectly natural that this should happen. The course is designed so you experience at least 1 win for each module, and the regular support calls will definitely keep you motivated! You’ll also be given the tools to work out a beautifully simple schedule and plan to work with your feminine energy and your natural cycle. You won’t believe what a game-changer this is!!!

Ground-Breaking Tools and Techniques

All through your course you’ll be receiving the absolute best tools and techniques that coaching can offer! Having certified as a One of many (TM) coach, I’ll give you access to the latest in women’s coaching tools that have been created by women, for women and have been proven time and time again for their effectiveness and ease of use.

imagine how your life could look in 4 short months…

You could be:

» Enjoying a promotion or a new job

» Feeling wealthier and more confident in your financial decisions

» In an improved or new relationship, or happily single and loving life

» Feeling more confident and calm in life and work

» Starting a new business, or growing an existing one

» Moving to your dream home or location

» Experiencing more adventure, more expression more joy in your life

» Living courageously and embracing the authentic and creative person you were put on this earth to be!

This course is for you if:

>> You’re ready to break through your limiting beliefs to create your own way of living.

>> You’re ready to love who you see in the mirror and fully embrace the amazing woman you are

>> You’re sick of all the ‘miracle cure’, quick-fix, easy-win offers out there and want to dig deep and make lasting, sustainable changes

>> You don’t mind the occasional swear word, tough-talking, no-BS, wine drinking you’ll undoubtably experience working with me!

this course is not for you if…

>> You’re looking for the magic pill (there isn’t one – sorry-not-sorry)

>> You can’t commit to the length of the course or the work required

>> You have fast and firm ideas of what a ‘perfect coach’ looks like (I’m not it!)

>> You have the need to prove yourself right at every turn (I will be expecting you to try new and unconvential methods that may press your buttons)

how to get started

1: complete application form

Tell me a bit about your life and what you want to get out of this course so I can make sure we’ll be able to work together and get you where you want to be.
Click the Apply Now button to get started.


2. book a discovery call

This is a chance for us to ask each other questions and find out a bit more about each other to make sure you’re taking the right step in signing up to work with me.


3. confirm your place

Choose the payment option that works best for you, complete the invoice, sign the agreement and you’re ready to go! Your welcome module will arrive to your inbox shortly.

When an email from Sharon landed in my inbox, offering a 12-week coaching programme, I signed up straight away. I worked with Sharon in the past and she has always been very patient, helpful and delivered results. So the decision was an easy one.

Irina, previous coaching client

By now, I’m guessing you’re pretty excited about the thought of actually doing this! But I understand you may have some questions and perhaps a reservation or two about spending actual money on yourself, so here’s some info to help you make that ‘Yes I’m in’ decision a whole lot easier…


You’ve tried other personal development courses and they didn’t help.

Been there my friend! I’ve lost count of the amount of money and time I’ve spent on the ‘freebies’ and ‘cheapies’ and even some of the ‘stretchies’ of courses.

My inbox and notebooks are littered with the debris, utter overwhelm and shame of abandoned courses.

How we solve it

This is a coaching experience combining the best of online, 1-1 and group support so we can focus on your specific desired outcomes.

Which means you’ll be constantly reviewing, reflect and plan, keeping you on course and headed in the right direction.

With regular calls, me and the group can hold you accountable for taking inspired action and help you identify and release any blocks that are keeping you stuck.

If you follow the schedule and trust the process, there is no way you can ‘fail’ and there is no way you can ‘fall behind’. And with me holding your feet to the fire, you’ll definitely get results!

ResistAnce 2

You don’t feel you have the time or energy for taking on deeply intensive course.

Ooh the paradox of wanting change so badly because you know it’ll free up time and energy, but not having the time and energy to do it!!

It is amazing though how you always have the time and energy for the things you place a high value on…

How we solve it

The first, and most important principle of the programme is to Replenish.

We’ll look at ways you can prioritise your needs and self-care in a way that fits in with your life so you regain a harmony between work, family and yourself – and this course!

You’ll quickly see and feel the differences this makes and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done, whilst remaining replenished and revitalised!

We’ll also look at setting some boundaries around your space and time to ensure you have enough time to come onto your calls and complete your commitments each week – as well as all the other things you need to do!

Resistance 3

You fear that you (or your partner/family/friends) won’t like who you become

This course isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about connecting with the real, authentic you of today so you can bring more of you to the table – and life!

Not everyone will embrace and love the real you and they won’t all get why you’re doing this, but it’ll be worth it – you are worth it

how we solve it

It’s perfectly natural to worry about making changes – especially big life changes!

Part of my job is to help you navigate through the ‘sticky’ bits (and yes, there will be some) and come out the other side feeling calm and confident about it.

If you’re a nice person now (and I’m sure you are), you’ll still be a nice person after the course, you’ll just bring more of the real you to the niceness!

You’ll get massive support to help you explore and accept the real, authentic you and you will start to feel your rightful place in the world and be more congruent with the choices you’re making and the life you’re living.


I understand, this is an important decision for you and you want to make the right one.

Here are some questions I often get asked, however if you have another question that you need answering before you apply, please email me at 

When does the course begin?

The course is on a rolling enrolment which means you can sign up and get started any time – no waiting around for the launch date!

Modules will be released every two weeks over the 4 months. All group and private coachig calls must be used within the 4 months or forfeited.

What's the cost?

Payment options for the 4 month Claim your Courageous Life programme are:

Payment in full = £997

4 payments = 4 payments of £258.75

How much time will it take?

Each module’s video will last approx 45 – 60 mins.

Each group support call will last up to 90 minutes

Each private 1-1 call will last 60 minutes

You will need to allow approx 2-3 hours a week to watch the video’s, work through the worksheet and embed your learning.

What do I need to take part in this course?

Making a big change to your life takes energy, dtermination and commitment – so be prepared!

You will need to have an open mind and be willing to try new things and explore different avenues – some of which you may find uncomfortable or confronting. I will be on hand to support and and guide you though.

You will need to be able to access Zoom and be happy to be visible for your video’s, groups support sessions and private 1-1 calls.

You will need access to Facebook to engage and particpate with your private peer group (highly recommended).

Generally you will want to get the best for yourself out of this programme and be willing to do the work to make that happen.

When and where does all this happen?

This is an online course.

All materials will be sent to you via email (video’s, worksheet and any additional resources)

All calls will be held via Zoom as will the Power Planning Live Workshop

Your peer group will be held as private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share insights as well as give and receive support fom your fellow members.

You will receive links to book your calls. Without registration you will be unable to attend the calls so please ensure you keep these links in a safe place.

I prefer working 1-1, Is this an option?

YES! I offer a 6 month intensive coaching experience where we cover everything in the group programme and then some!

Working 1-1, you will go deeper and understand more about yourself and how the Powertypes can support you, and you’ll have much more interaction with me with weekly calls, challenges and celebrations.

The 6 months follows a flow but is tailored specifically to you and your goals, plus you’ll still have access to the Claim Your Courageous Life Members Loungs (FB) so you can linkn in with an incredibly supportive community of women currently making massive changes to their lives!

Your investment for 6 months of 1-1 bespoke coaching is £2777. Email me at for more information and to book a call.


Claim Your Courageous Life

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