Bespoke Day

The Bespoke Day is all about you. There is no specific process or timetable as we work intuitively together allowing you the time, space and safety to dig deep and uncover the real reasons for you feeling stuck, dis-empowered, frustrated and as though you have lost a piece of yourself. 

You’ve been stuck and frustrated for far too long, it’s time, right now, for you to reach out and step up to the incredible future that’s waiting for you, and this can be really scary! That’s why I’m here. I can support and guide you through the day, allowing you time to dig deep and expose the fears that have been holding you back for far too long, and I’m also here to hold your feet to the fire to ensure that, this time, you make it happen. After all, that’s what you want isn’t it? 

Think about what it’s costing you to stay where you are; not only financially (what could you earn once you’re free from the anger, frustration, fear and panic?) but emotionally and spiritually? What would your life look like if you were more confident, centred, at peace….free? Can you afford to wait another 5, 10, 20 years just drifting through life ‘making do’ and putting up with things you don’t need or want in your life?

Or do you want to take control and create the most joyful, powerful, glorious life you can image?

So let’s do this! Let’s get started and shake it up! Book your free consultation call below and raise a glass to your new, incredibly marvellous Mid-Life Miracle x

The Details

I’d love to meet with you for your Bespoke Day in the glorious Devon countryside, where we can enjoy the stunning and dramatic scenery of Dartmoor or the rugged and wild North Devon Coast, however I realize that you are busy and have lots to do and it may not be convenient to drop everything and come on an unexpected break away (although maybe that’s just what you do need!)

That’s why we can also work together virtually over Skype or Zoom. You get exactly the same as you would in person, the same support, the same space and time and the same results, it’s just that you and I will be sharing your journey in wondrous arena of technology.

What you’ll Get

You get a whole day to concentrate on you without any distractions, and you will also get over 3 hours of pre and post mentoring calls, plus you’ll receive access to my online resources as well as access to the membership program for Mid-Life Miracles.

In Person or Virtual?

Whether we work in person or virtually depends on you and how you prefer to work.
Working virtually allows me to be more flexible with dates as I don’t have to book a physical space.
You can be in the comfort of your own home or other location of your choice
No travel time and no accommodation arrangements to make for overnight stays
Childcare is easier as it’s only 1 day to cater for
There are none really. Even with poor internet connection, either Skype or Zoom work well. And whichever way of working together you choose, you will receive the same level of commitment and support from me – 100%. All I ask is the same level of commitment from you x

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