The real sharon…

Does anyone actually read these pages? I’m not sure but if you’ve landed here I guess it’s because you actually do want to know more about me right?

I could do the whole professional, third person bio but it feels kinda weird and a bit fake (plus if it’s something you ‘should do’ that makes it pretty much guaranteed I won’t be doing it!)

Ok so you now know I’m a bit of a rule breaker! I do like to go my own way and have a bit of an explore. I’m not an adrenalin junkie or anything like that but I also don’t always like to follow the herd.

I live in the countryside surrounded by fields and cows – there’s a lot of cows here, and that suits me fine ‘cos I’m a bit of an introvert….well a lot of an introvert with a bit of occasional extrovert thrown in. Don’t try to label that as I’m not into labels either! Just know that I like my own company and also like to have a get-together sometimes too.

I’m a daughter, a little sister, a partner, a good friend and a whole lotta other things – like most women are!! And I’ve learnt to juggle all of them with varying degrees of success.

You can see from my photo’s that I love to be in the wild, untamed countryside; it’s where I feel most ‘me’ and I truly relax AND I love to have my hair and nails done and the odd massage, and high heels with beautiful clothes.

I guess that tells you that I don’t believe in having ‘this OR that’ I believe in having ‘this AND that’

I’m highly creative and love to experiment with lots of crafts; card-making, cross stitch, bottle cutting, woodwork, jewellery making, clay working, cocktails creation (my favorite at the moment!!)

Oh, and one final thing you really ought to know about me….I love Marmite! That may be a deal-breaker for you, but if not I’d love to keep in contact; you an sign up to my newsletter below (and get a great free gift!) and you can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn

Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at the courses I’m offering at the moment; Re-Claim Your Edge and The Catalyst Choice Framework. If something resonates, get in touch!

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