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I’m the owner of  ‘Sharon O’Brien’, and the creator of The Mid-Life Miracle. I lead women in their mid-life to fall back in love with themselves, their bodies and their lives and approach the second half of their life with optimism, excitement and joy.

My mission is to globally re-define the term ‘middle-age’ for women; to inspire and empower them to break through the outdated ‘mid-life crisis’  beliefs and create a glorious, powerful and joyful second-half of their lives.

I was always that friend who my friends would turn to for advice and support – usually during a sleepover with some cake smuggled to my room and trying desperately not to wake mum and dad with our whispering and giggling!!

In my career my roles have always included coaching and mentoring in some way, from being a nanny all around the South of England (and a short spell in France), to being a Team Leader and a Training Officer in a global company working with teams spread over 3 continents; it’s no surprise really that this is what I’ve chosen to make the core part of my business.

Between 2008 and 2013 I went through four rounds of redundancy processes (yes that’s right – four in five years!!!) and all within the same company. So during that time life was pretty up-in-the-air and constantly changing. It was also heart-breaking to see much loved colleagues and friends walking out of the office whilst the ‘favoured’ few of us got to stay and deal with the fallout.

In 2010 I experienced a complete nervous breakdown due to extremely high levels of work and little, or no, support. I decided I needed to do something different and have a back-up plan should the company fold. That’s when I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist.

In 2013 when my job was yet again ‘put at risk’ and I’d had enough. I opted voluntary redundancy and started planning life after employment. At first I had no idea what I was going to actually do and so I did what every self-respecting corporate employee does…I went to a holistic fair and had every taster going in order to try and make order out of chaos. I had aura reading, tarot reading, angel readings. I meditated, had pranic healing, sound healing and my colours analysed. In short I gobbled up everything on offer, and what came out was that I would continue training and teaching people, but in a completely different way than I had done before.

I signed up for a NLP Practitioner course and completed that just as my job was ending then became a Louise Hay Life Healing Workshop Leader.

And now, I get to use all those tools, all that experience and knowledge in my every day life and business. I get to help people, like me and you, who are stuck, confused, frustrated and sometimes angry at the cards they’ve been dealt and release all of the negativity and anger so that peace, calmness and fulfilment can grow.

And the best thing about having my passion as my business is that I get to witness the amazing transformations that my courageous clients make in their lives. From being able to start a family, to successfully losing weight, to improving their relationships, to moving careers and completely re-locating their lives! The changes have been awe-inspiring. And as a glorious bonus, I get to live the best version of myself every day – All in all it’s an exhilarating way to live!

I am also an introvert. I may run workshops and speak to groups of people but you’re much more likely to find me blissfully curled up on the sofa watching an old movie with a cup of Earl Grey and a few delicious biscuits than out in the thick of the action!

I’m a cat AND a dog person – although my gorgeous fluffy felines are no longer with us, I can’t resist giving every passing animal a good ol’ fuss – whether they want it or not!

Oh, and one final thing you really ought to know about me….I love Marmite! That may be a deal-breaker for you, but if not I’d love to keep in contact; you can sign up for a complimentary call to see how we can work together, you can find me on Facebook @TheMidlifeMiracle or you can sign up to my newsletter below

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