When it comes to making changes to your life, each of gets a wake-up call.

It may be a sudden illness, redundancy or divorce. For you it may have been this past year and everything that brought

You may have to make drastic changes to the way you live and work and you realize that the old way just doesn’t work for you anymore and life is too short to keep taking the same steps and doing what no longer lights you up.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they throw up their hands and say ‘That’s it. I’ve had enough. Things HAVE to change!’

When I had my wake-up call of my fourth redundancy in five years (with the same company!) being completely burnt out and with no clue what I was going to do, I did what every sensible person would do – I got another job. But deep inside I knew that what I really wanted to do was create my own business; to have independence, be self-sufficient and have freedom from the daily grind.

I retrained in hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy. I became a certified Life Healing workshop leader. I achieved my NLP Practitioner certificate and started running small workshops and doing the odd 1-1 session. But it wasn’t generating a consistent income, it wasn’t giving me independence, self-sufficiency or freedom – I still had to take part-time work to pay the bills.

After years of existing like this I began to think that maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a business woman. Maybe I didn’t have the tenacity, energy or ability to create this life I had dreamt of for so long; there’s nothing quite to demoralizing as feeling a complete and utter failure.

You may have had a moment like this yourself.

Do you ever feel that the life you want just isn’t for you – that it’s somehow out of reach or unattainable?

Maybe your fear of losing everything is keeping you from rocking the boat.

Maybe you’re telling yourself ‘When XYZ happens then I’ll ABC.’

Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re too busy to work on this stuff no or that a great life isn’t really important right now with so much else going on.

Maybe you have conflicting values – that you can’t have independence and love, or you can’t state your boundaries and be nice or that you can’t have money and be in integrity.

If you’re doing all you can and still not getting the breakthrough and living he life you KNOW you want (and totally deserve!), it’s time to do something different. It’s time to reset your mindset.

If you feel that you’re constantly spinning plates, always running around making sure everyone else is OK, never feeling you have some proper time for yourself, never quite achieving what you want to achieve and you can’t figure out why it’s all so hard, I may have something to help that may just light the touch-paper to your firework.

I’m Sharon O’Brien, founder of The Midlife Miracle and rebel-hearted, gypsy-soul creator of the Claim Your Courageous Life coaching programme. I did not grow up believing I was an amazing being with skills and talents worth bringing into this world. I grew up always feeling on the ‘outside’ and never feeling I quite ‘fit in.’ But I have carved out a wonderful life for myself, embracing the true and authentic me and bringing her 100% to the table (well, maybe 95% but I’m still working on it!)

I’ve read so many personal development books, gone to so many conferences, webinars, seminars, workshops, trainings and events and very few of them have ever mentioned the big fat ‘Why’ of why women are not making the changes and living the life they actually want to live!

If you think you have to lose twenty pounds, or be perfect or wait until the kids leave home, or until your divorce is final or any of the other gazillion things we think we have to do first, that’s total BS!

Don’t believe me? Here are 7 signs it’s time for you to stop putting your life aside and get going!


Each year, each month you set your goals, decide what’s going to be different his time and yet….you’re still living the same life as before.

Maybe your laptop and notebooks are littered with the remnants of long-abandoned courses, longed-for visions of your perfect future and bold actions plans that never seemed to take root.

You’re fed up of waiting for the ‘perfect time’ and just want to start this dream being realized but you’re scared of what may happen if you do.

I’m sure you’re beating yourself up for being a failure and not doing what you know you need to do – but maybe today is the day. It’s now or never and I see your potential and your courage – and I’m here to make that come true.


You’ve tried the affirmations, the self-care, the self-love, you’ve vision-boarded your way into the 35th century and you’ve tried just about every manifesting process out there, but that life you want? It’s still eluding you and there’s a few puzzle pieces missing.

It’s not fair and if you’re being totally honest with yourself, you know you have self-sabotaging behaviours but you can’t quite shift them.

How many times have you scheduled some ‘you time’ in your diary only to have it obliterated by someone or something else that takes precedence?

It’s not for the lack of wanting but until you save enough money, buy a yurt in the forest, throw away your mobile phone and cancel all your social media accounts, you just don’t have the time to do the work.

Your heart is telling you one thing but your mind is pulling you in the other direction. Yes you want an easy life, but life isn’t easy. Yes you want joy and happiness, but something will always burst that bubble, right?

Maybe you want a life that is different from the people you know, but you feel it’s ridiculous, dangerous or stupid to want such things! Maybe your heart and soul is crying out for you to follow your dreams but the thought of losing the people you love is just too much to bear.

I love getting to the heart of things, uncovering the golden nugget that paves the way to your new opportunities.

This may not be the first time you’ve read my blog, or seen my social media posts.

You may try to avoid situations and be thinking ‘I really have got to sort this out’ such as asking your boss for flexible working, making it clear your partner’s behaviour is no longer acceptable or having a meltdown every time someone says something challenging.

You may procrastinate about calling your mum because you don’t want to have yet another argument about not being able to see her at the weekend. Or you may hide in your work to avoid having to deal with a difficult or uncomfortable home-life. You’d be amazed at the lengths my clients tell me they go to avoid feeling bad about themselves and I’ve not met one that couldn’t turn that around!

It’ll come as a fabulous surprise when you learn how practical and powerful learning about your feminine power, your cycle and how to harness specific archetypes can be in creating the life you desire.

Every single person on the planet is scared. Even those high ranking guru’s that seem to have it all? TERRIFIED! Creating and living the life you want doesn’t make the fear go away.

You may be scared of your inner-power. Maybe you glimpsed it in the past and the sheer strength and power of it terrified you. That’s because you were never taught how to wield it and use it for good.

You may terrified of losing something important to you if you change. But how many women do you know whose relationships broke down because they never stood up and brought their true selves to the table? (if you really don’t know of any, I’m one!!)

You may be scared of losing your privacy and security. But living a courageous life doesn’t mean you broadcast everything to everyone at all times! By creating your confidence you create your boundaries and they are what keep you safe – even when you’re standing in the arena waiting for the lions to be released.

How much time do you think you’ve got left on this world? What would you do if you knew your expiration date? We all have one and yours could be sooner than you think. And even if it isn’t, surely living the best life for as long as possible is a great reason to start today?

My lovely, I totally get you, but trust me, there are things in your life right now that are ticking along just fine. Things that many people in the world would give their right arm to have. It’s just that the things that are wrong have eclipsed the things that are good and you just can’t see it right now.

I love getting my clients to dig deep and explore exactly where they’re at, discover exactly what’s going on and what really needs the focus. It’s only by doing his you can get real clarity on what you want to get out of working with me and it’s only by getting total clarity and focus can you make those changes you so desperately need.

Now, I don’t have a freebie to offer you here (boo) but I do have an extremely limited invitation for you (yay!).

In May I launched Claim Your Courageous Life; a framework for women over 40 to claim space and time for themselves, connect with the women they are today and create the life they actually want (and totally freakin’ deserve!)

I’m part way through the initial beta run with my founder members (who are loving it and having so many shifts already!) and to continue the celebration I’m offering the programme at a highly discounted price. In order to get access you need to:

  • Be a woman over 40 ready to make serious changes in your life
  • Be committed to doing the work, showing up and fully engaging in groups sessions, private 1-1 coaching and the Members Lounge FB group
  • Be open to exploring alternative ways of working based around feminine strength and embracing support from 5 empowering women’s archetypes
  • Be willing to have a laugh on the way (the work doesn’t all have to be worky you know)

If you’re looking for a magic pill, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, this isn’t for you (although you will experience fast results) and if you’re looking for a group of women to enable you to stay in your current mind-set, blaming everyone and everything for your own failures, this is so not for you.

We are not positive and jolly all of the time (who is?) but we do lift each other and support each other towards the life we want, and this is the attitude want to foster.

To get started, all you need to do is click the link to complete the application form, then we’ll have a chat, I’ll answer all your questions, and if you want to proceed, we can get you started.

I really hope you decide it’s your time and I’m looking forward meeting you xx


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